Eva Davis



Eva Davis has a wonderful vibrant personality and engages with everyone she meets.  She enthusiastically looks for property which may suit her clients and is very caring in her approach.

Eva comes from an African/American background and has spent many years in America where she has had a broad experience with the procurement and selling of real estate there.  Her family's connection with Real Estate began in the 1930's when her grandfather became involved in the building of houses for military men and their families.  His knowledge was passed onto his descendents. Eva's father, after a career as an aerospace engineer, became an investor in America as has Eva and her husband,having bought and sold many properties in California........and so the interest in real estate has continued.  

Eva is looking for unique properties to sell as well as the more standard ones. The buyer can be assurred of great service no matter what property she is marketing.  

Eva is well educated and  constantly learning and upgrading her skills.

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